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Homefolks U.S.A.

Hi folks,

For the past several weeks our stories in Homefolks U.S.A. have caused a lot of readers to voice their views about other events that have taken place around our county, especially last week in our story, “Do You Remember?”

One reader told me about the Reservation at Waco – how many folks lived there, and maybe a rooming house or motel was located there. This was news to me, and I do not remember this; it must have been before my time.

I heard another interesting story about a hanging that took place near Town Hill. This I read about in Dr. Bearden’s book, “Here We Rest,” but the location was a litter farther from Town Hill.

A story was told about a man who was convicted of murder, escaped from the Franklin County Jail and was never captured – but did return to the county for a short visit when some member of his family passed away.

Whether this happened or not, I do not know, but the story still remains fresh on a lot of the minds of old-timers.

I’m sure we have a lot of readers who know for sure that many murders have gone unsolved in our county. This is probably true in a lot of other places, in other counties and states, as well.

So many cases became cold cases after so many years, never to be opened again. The families of the victims are the ones who really suffer when the case is all but forgotten.

The Halloween season is here, and you will see a lot of young ones all dressed up for the day of trick-or-treating. More than $9 billion will be spent on Halloween this season.

Almost every year, some club, organization or church will sponsor a Trunk or Treat for the boys and girls, which seems to be a safe way to receive those treats. We hope all the youngsters have fun this year.

As soon as Halloween is over, the next big day will be Thanksgiving.

This is my favorite holiday of the year. I recall so many good memories of Thanksgiving in years past. I really cherish those memories, and I am sure they will be fresh on my mind this year as well.

We hope everything has a safe holiday season and again thank you so much for reading each week. The nice remarks you share with me are truly appreciated.

Til next time,

Your friend,