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Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver

Sheriff warns of latest scam calls in Franklin County

It is always important to be aware of scams, but now residents of Franklin County have a new scam to be aware of as citizens have reported scam phone calls from people using numbers for the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s department shared reports Oct. 15 of someone calling claiming to be with the FCSO and threatening people to give their personal information and bank information.

FCSO Lt. Jason Holcomb said the scammer is telling people there is a warrant out for their arrest, and they have a certain amount of time to give their bank or personal information or an officer will be sent to their house to arrest them.

“I’ve seen everyone be a victim, young to old, unfortunately,” Holcomb said.

The first report of someone receiving this scam call came Oct. 15, and Holcomb said the department received at least three additional reports within the next few hours.

Holcomb said it is important to never give out personal information or bank information. He said people need to be aware of protecting their information from scammers – not just in this scam, but in all potential scams.

“It’s easy for anyone to access bank accounts or steal an identity if they have your personal information,” Holcomb said. “Just don’t give that information out to anyone unless it is an institution you are working with.”

Holcomb said if someone has given their bank information to someone who potentially could be a scammer, the police can track the scammer if they attempt to access the bank. He also said people who fear they might be victims of such a scam should contact their bank immediately to ask the bank to watch for suspicious activity.

Anyone who believes they are receiving a scam phone call is encouraged to call the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak to dispatch.