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Russellville Fire Department adds new tanker truck

The Russellville Fire Department is always looking for ways to make sure it is best equipped to serve the citizens of Russellville, so this year a new tanker truck will be joining the Russellville lineup.

Funding for the addition comes from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant from the Department of Homeland Security in the amount of $271,428.57. The city will match 5 percent, $13,571.43.

“Anytime we show them there is a need, especially when there is a need involving life safety, they have always been good to jump in and give us what we needed to get it done,” said Russellville Fire Chief Joe Mansell of the city council’s willingness to financially support the fire department.

Mansell said the money will go toward a tanker trunk to help cut back on the time it takes to put out a fire and ensure there is always an adequate water supply.

Mansell said most fire trucks hold from 500-750 gallons of water and tap into a fire hydrant near the fire. He said he hopes to purchase a tanker that can hold anywhere from 2,000-5,000 gallons of water.

“Any time when you pull up on a fire and have access to 2,000-5,000 gallons of water, it can play a critical role,” Mansell said.

He said the tanker will eliminate the need for the fire department to find a fire hydrant to tap into before beginning to put out the fire.

“Fire doubles every 20-30 seconds, so time is of the essence,” Mansell said.

Right now Mansell meeting with a committee to design the tanker truck and decide what option would be best for the city. Mansell said he is going to meet with a dew different dealers throughout the month to look at options.

He said the process might take a few months to add the new truck to the Russellville Fire Department lineup, but he is working as quickly as possible.