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franklin county times

Oct. 1-15, 2019, Land Transactions

Oct. 1

Bobbie Hamm to Bobbie Hamm, Survivorship

Glenn Estess to Grandchildren’s Trust, Personal Representative

Donna Avent to Mary Gonzalez, Warranty

Roger Long to Joel Kimbrough, Warranty

Stephen Sampson to Mark Sampson, Warranty

Stephen Sampson to Mark Sampson, Warranty

Stephen Sampson to Anthony Sampson, Warranty

Robert Sampson to Robert Sampson, Warranty

Oct. 2

Michael Shuman to Michael White, Warranty

Christopher Traglia to Joseph Hughes, Warranty

John Baggett to Kristopher Horton, Warranty

William James to leigh James, Power of Attorney

William James to Hannah Prince, Warranty

Betty Feagan to Cassidy King, Warranty

Federal Loan Home Mortgag to Lora Ruiz, Warranty

Keri Traglia to Kerry Hester, Quit Claim

Rachel McCarter to Carl Hobbs, Survivorship

Alicia Smith to Rachel McCarter, Warranty

Fairview Cemetery to Lanny Hillman, Cemetery

Barbara peppers to Barbara Peppers, Survivorship

Oct. 3

Rogers Family Holdings to Robert Rogers, Quit Claim

James McKinney to Helen McKinney, Easement

Oct. 4

Rowe Lindley to Zakary Coats, Warranty

Robin Collier to John Knighten, Warranty

Richard Scott to Patricia Scott, Quit Claim

Leticia Manzo to Salome Manzo, Warranty

Charles Quillen to William Lawson, Warranty

Oct. 7

James Randolph to Fairview Cemetery, Cemetery

Jaime Valdez to Belarmino Eugenio, Contract

David Cochran to Van Baker, Warranty

Charlie Hicks to Shara Page, Warranty

Judy Harden to Austin Easterling, Survivorship

Judy Harden to Robert Pannell, Survivorship

Stewart Blackburn to Cory Jones, Warranty

Oct. 8

Horlando Velasquez to Irene Velasquez, Warranty

Elizabeth Logon to United States of America, Foreclosure

Linda Quinn to Hubert Bradford, Survivorship

Wesley Richardson to Christine Richardson, Power of Attorney

Wesley Richardson to Rene Melgar, Survivorship

Oct. 9

Joshua Shelnutt to Amy Hester, Quit Claim

Elois Page to Barry Page, Warranty

Lowell James to Wiley James, Warranty

Oct. 10

Martin Hernandez to Ditech Financial, Foreclosure

Robert Claunch to Edith Claunch, Quit Claim

Oct. 11

The Secretary of Veterans to Jonathan Riley, Warranty

David Hudson to Pleasant Hill First, Warranty

Rural Housing Service to Anthony McKee, Quit Claim

Ellis Davis to Sandra Bianco, Warranty

Carolyn Davidson to Jamie Harden, Survivorship

Clarice Robinson to William Welch, Quit Claim

Brenda Haloway to Alicia Smith, Survivorship

Laney McAnally to David Ward, Warranty

Elbert Parker to Sherry Parker, Exector’s

Elbert Parker to Jeffrey Parker, Executor’s

Jeffrey Parker to Sherry Parker, Warranty

Bruce Forman to Lisa Forman, Quit Claim

Robert Murray to Robert Murray, Survivorship

Andrew Spry to Allen Long, Affidavit

Ralton Baker to Northwest Alabama Gas, Easement

Ralton Baker to Second Creek LLC, Warranty

Second Creek LLC to Ralton Baker, Agreement

Second Creek LLC to Franklin County Board of, Covenants and Restrictions

Joseph Hardin to Alice Pitts, Executor’s

Joseph Hardin to Joseph Hardin, Executor’s

Joseph Hardin to Rita Parrish, Executor’s

Lola Wood to Glenda McGowen, Power of Attorney

Oct. 15

Raymond Horton to Sandra James, Quit Claim

Sandra James to Timothy Horton, Survivorship

Raymond Horton to Timothy Horton, Survivorship

Jimmy Borden to Galon Baker, Quit Claim

Della McCarley to Jerry McCarley, Power of Attorney

Herbert McCarley to Jerry McCarley, Power of Attorney

Donald Hester to Mathew Stancil, Warranty

Gene McGee to Dexter Marshall, Warranty