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Hi friends,

This Saturday the little town of Spruce Pine will really come to life with the celebration of Spruce Pine Day. 

Huge crowds will line the street to enjoy the entertainment and the many vendors and to view all the old trucks and cars. Fellowship will be enjoyed by everyone that attends. 

It’s always exciting to check the museum to see if any new items have been added since last year. The museum is located in the old Jim Sharnagel Building. 

There is no business that still operates today, but the town looks like it did many years ago – really, it looks even better. All the old merchants have passed away, but I am sure they would enjoy seeing the little town that did not disappear.  

Some of the merchants I remember were Mr. Jim Sharnagel, Mr. Joe Vaughn, Mr. Harold Moses, Mr. and Mrs. Humphries, Mr. Ray Underwood and his son, Junior, Smith Lumber Company, Mr. W.T. (Red) Brewer and Mr. Donald Henson, who was probably the last merchant to operate a business there. 

The Spruce Pine Community Center occupies the largest building there and still has people that rent the building on a regular basis for parties, family get-togethers, showers and more. 

A lot of hard work goes into keeping this community active. We all owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who works to see that Spruce Pine is never forgotten.

A post office still remains open, and you can still cast your vote during an election, at the community center.

If you have an opportunity, just take a ride to Spruce Pine any day of the week, and I know you will be delighted with your visit. It’s the little town that did not go to sleep.

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Till next time,

Your friend,