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Police receive reports of RCS phone scam

In a time when phone communication is prevalent, so is using technology as a way to prey on people. Oct. 2 the Russellville Police Department shared details about the latest phone scam involving the Russellville City Schools system.

RPD Capt. Scotty Lowery said the police department has had reports of people receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be an employee of the Russellville City Schools system asking people to donate money.

“Usually with these scams, what we try to educate the public on is, don’t give them any kind of information,” Lowery said. “Don’t give them your banking information. Don’t give them your Social Security number, and don’t give them your date of birth – because nine times out of 10 when you’re getting these phone calls, they’re going to be scams.”

Lowery said one of the biggest issues with scam calls is the number could be local, but the majority of the time the person calling will be in another state or country.

Lowery said if someone receives a call they believe to be a scam, they should document what number the call came from, call the local police station and ask to speak to an officer.

“Anytime anyone has a question about a call they received, we would certainly encourage them to call us,” Lowery said.