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Hi folks,

As I am writing this story, the weather is beginning to make a change. A few clouds are beginning to gather, so maybe the much-needed rain is on the way. 

Most of my hummingbirds are beginning to disappear, and the hummingbird bush is failing to bloom like it did a few weeks ago. So many flowers are losing their color. 

To me fall is a little sad, but it’s a happy time as well. All the plants, flowers and trees are taking a break, going to sleep for a while – getting some rest so they can be back next year. 

It’s a part of God’s plan, so let us all rejoice that seasons come and go. No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. 

Everyone seems to be living on the fast track except me. 

I have learned to slow down and enjoy my ride to and from work. If you see that car in the right lane, going the speed limit or even slower, it’s me. 

If you see a car beginning to slow down and even stop on a yellow light, it’s me. 

If the light changes to green, give me time. It’s just me, but I will have to say that most people are nice – they always blow the horn for me to go when the light changes. Thanks, I really appreciate that. 

A lot of folks roll down the windows and say things to me – they are being friendly, I suppose, but I notice they are never smiling. 

A lot of people will wave when they pass me. That’s so nice. One car passed me last week, and the gentleman waved at me, but he only hand one finger. My thought was he probably lost the other four in the war. At least he was friendly. 

Not only are the folks on the highway friendly, but people continue to call every day. Most I have never heard of. One called last week and wanted to talk about my student loan, and how to get a reduction rate on it. 

Maybe I need to go to college and get a different degree. The caller wanted to know what my degree was in. I told him 98.6 when I was normal. I must have offended him because he hung up. 

Another called to inform me that my car warranty was about to expire. My car is 19 years old. Maybe it has a 20-year warranty. 

My favorite is a guy called Google. He calls almost every day telling me my business listing needs to be updated, and if it was updated, I would get more calls. Now there’s something I could really look forward too. Ha.

My story is quite different this week, but I hope you still enjoyed it as well. Maybe it’s the not humid days that are getting to me; maybe it’s the road rage. Who knew? 

One last piece of news. The doctor’s office called last week and wanted to remind me to get my flu shot plus the new shingles vaccine. I thanked them for calling but reminded them I have never taken a flu shot in my life, and I don’t intend to start now. 

Thanks for reading this week’s story.

Till next time,

Your friend,