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Ivey visits Russellville Elementary

As the state of Alabama is celebrating its bicentennial, Gov. Kay Ivey traveled to Russellville to recognize Russellville Elementary School as a bicentennial school.

The Tuesday visit was part of Ivey’s approximately 20-county bicentennial tour, during which she visited one school in each county.

“We are so honored to have Gov. Ivey here today, and we just want to thank you for always making public school systems a priority,” said Russellville City Schools Superintendent Heath Grimes.

Ivey said the bicentennial is special to her because it has been her first large event after taking office as governor. She said one year ago, she challenged all students to come up with a project that would build the community and make Alabama better for tomorrow.

“You took the challenge to heart, students, and I am so proud of you for doing so,” Ivey said of Russellville Elementary students’ project to protect the environment. “It makes me very proud to see Russellville Elementary students making this such a high priority.”

The Russellville Elementary Chorus greeted Ivey by performing the Alabama state song and “America the Beautiful.” Members of the chorus presented Ivey with a gift and said “Thank you, Governor Ivey, for everything that you do for us” – to which she replied “No, thank y’all.”

Ivey also presented fifth-grade teacher Carol Fretwell with a memorandum thanking her for her contribution to the school and the community through educating students about their state’s history and ensuring they are proud of where they come from.