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We will never run out of stories

In case you missed it: Our September/October issue of Franklin Living came out last week. 

If you did miss it, I can forgive you. It was Labor Day week after all, and if you’re like me, you were still catching up Wednesday from being off work Monday.

You’ve got to check out this edition thoUGH. I know I feel this way every time a new Franklin Living hits the shelves, but – this is one of my favorites.

See, as I mention in the magazine, once upon a time, I wondered what would happen when I ran out of features for Franklin Living magazine. I foolishly worried the day would come when the supply of stories would be exhausted and I would sit empty-handed, facing a future where magazine features had to be scraped up from nothing. 

That was when I first began working here in May 2015. Now, more than four years later, I know better. 

The truth is, Franklin County is brimful of amazing people and places that deserve the spotlight, and we will never “run out” of feature stories for our bi-monthly magazine. 

I’d heard of Steve Trash, of course – who lives in Franklin County and hasn’t heard of Steve Trash? – but to my very great detriment, I did not know his story. Now I do – and you can too, as he so graciously shares it in this issue. 

We have very few eco-focused comedian/magicians in Franklin County – actually, I’d say they are probably very few, if even more than one, eco-focused comedian/magicians the world over – but we have no shortage of interesting people. Joining Steve Trash in this issue are Red Bay Mayor Charlene Fancher and Red Bay artist/business owner Jeffery Dick, each with their own tales of how they find joy and inspiration in a hectic world. 

We’ve also got recipes, financial and faith advice, a peek into our local education systems and more.  

“Run out” of potential magazine features?


I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Franklin Living as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. We’re already working on mapping out content plans for our 2020 issues, and you can be a part of the fun! Our corner of Alabama is thick with stories to share; if you have an idea for a future feature, I would love to hear from you.