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Aderholt visits RBHS bank

U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt visited Red Bay High School’s branch of Community Spirit Bank Aug. 30 to learn about the financial literacy programs available to students in Franklin County and visit key areas of Red Bay. 

Aderholt began his day with a tour of Tiger Branch and visited several classrooms while meeting with students.

“This really is great,” Aderholt said of the branch. “I wish I would have had something like this when I was in high school.”

The Red Bay High School branch is located between the junior high and senior high buildings and is available to all students and faculty of the school.

Students are able to create checking and savings accounts, deposit checks and withdraw money. Elementary students come tour the branch and are able to ask for change from the bank.

The bank comprises approximately 100 student accounts at the school, with some students already having accounts through the traditional branch. Students can access their accounts at the regular Red Bay location or at the school.

“I feel like saving is the most important thing we could teach them,” said Community Spirit Bank Vice President Emily Mays. “Saving now but also in the future for later on in life – it’s such a good lesson to pick up early.”

The branch has 16 student tellers who work one shift each week. The job is available beginning in 10th grade. To become a teller, students must submit a resume and go through an interview process.

“Teaching financial literacy is one of the greatest things that we as community banks can do for our community because it makes better corporate citizens,” said Community Spirit Bank President Brad Bolton. “Each year the graduating classes are going to come out of high school knowing more than I knew when I was coming out of high school. Our bank or any other bank providing this financial literacy across the state is just another way that community banks like us are fully invested in their communities.”