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Good leaders help groups flourish

Many organizations experience problems in finding members who are willing to step forward and accept the responsibilities of leadership positions. 

Some organizations leave it up to luck, and often they find they come up short. Too frequently, members feel less than competent and not at all prepared to take on the tasks. 

Leadership isn’t something people are born with but a skill that can be cultivated over time. Volunteers can become leaders by developing a clear and compelling vision for what they want to become; establishing attainable goals; providing – and being provided with – encouragement and appreciation; and pursuing training and education.

What are some of the leadership qualities everyone can refine in order to be productive leaders?

True leaders are confident and know they can think – and act – outside the box to take their organization to the next level.

They must be focused and organized and plan well ahead while still remaining spontaneous enough to handle unexpected challenges. 

Good leaders treat others just as they expect to be treated – in an honest fashion. Being honest is not only one of the leadership traits that will allow a person to lead with integrity, but it’s the only real way to make strong connections with others.

One leadership attribute is the sense of positivity that energizes everyone. Inspiring leaders know how to turn setbacks into successes and make it a point to display optimistic leadership.

Every person in a leadership role has to make difficult decisions, and how they handle these decisions is one of the most important leadership qualities. 

The ability to be decisive can mean the difference between getting through a tough time or crisis – or folding under pressure.

Good communication is another leadership trait that will strengthen an organization. Leaders do not just communicate information; they also communicate goals and visions.  

They must also be good listeners. 

Leadership involves taking risks, being innovative and promoting new directions. A leader has to set good examples for others, be committed and develop empathy.  

These are just a few attributes that make a good leader. Do you have these qualities? 

If so, consider stepping up to a leadership position in your organization. 

You can make a big difference while changing lives of others through your leadership.