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Good Shepherd welcomes nuns to Russellville

Sister Marynell Morris said after converting to Catholicism, one day the Lord told her to journey to Russellville to speak to the church about her mission to bring nuns to a local parish. The journey to Russellville paid off, now that Morris lives in the original Good Shepherd Catholic Church rectory with two nuns.

Sister Teresa Perol and Sister Cecilia Corpus moved to Russellville from Venezuela after being in contact with Morris.

“We actually met through Facebook,” Morris said. “I was saying something about how I was looking for nuns, and (Perol) sent me a friend request. She said she and Sister Cecilia both felt like God was pulling them in a different direction.”

Perol, Corpus and Morris are a part of the Reparatrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart, an organization founded in Italy.

“The word reparatrix, it means to repair, us first and then all mankind,” Perol said.

Church pastor Vincent Bresowar said the nuns are already hard at work establishing their own ministry. He said they will be involved in all aspects of parish ministry, will be present in the community and will work to educate the community.

“We are just very blessed and honored to have them here with us living on our property,” Bresowar said.

Morris said Perol and Corpus left Venezuela Aug. 6 and arrived in Russellville Aug. 8 after being stuck in the airport in Orlando for two days because of problems with Venezuela customs.

Morris, Perol and Corpus moved into the old rectory on the Good Shepherd Catholic Church property Aug. 10.

“We are just very thankful to Sister Marynell and Father Vincent for everything, for doing something so risky,” Corpus said.

Bresowar said there were plenty of unknowns in getting nuns to Franklin County, but the entire process has been possible through faith.

Perol and Corpus both served in Venezuela for 21 years. They are originally from the Philippines and speak four languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Filipino. Corpus is about to begin her 25th year as a nun.