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Phil Campbell hosts technical career fair for students

Not every teenager’s goal is to graduate high school and pursue a four-year college degree, so the Northwest RC&D council is hosting a career fair to benefit students no matter what level of education they hope to pursue after high school.

The Northwest RC&D council is hosting two different Homegrown Technical Career Fairs – one at Phil Campbell and one at Colbert Heights – with the goal of educating students on the opportunities available without a four-year college degree.

“There are really good jobs available, and you don’t necessarily have to go to college to get one,” said Northwest RC&D Council executive director Lauranne James.

Phil Campbell’s Homegrown Technical Career Fair will be Sept. 4 from 9-11 a.m. Students can meet with representatives from various local industries to ask questions and find out more information on what each job entails. 

James said not only will pursuing jobs in a career tech field allow students to stay in the Franklin County area, but it will also aid economic development in the area.

Phil Campbell Principal Darit Riddle said he thinks students should have the opportunity to learn about career options without a four-year degree.

“Nowadays you can go get a really great job making good money without having to go through college and go into debt to get an education,” Riddle said. “I think it’s a great thing that we have those types of opportunities here in our school.”

The career fair is in conjunction with the agriscience department at each school to focus on skill trades and jobs available with a degree in career tech field or by getting a program certification. 

A Northwest-Shoals Community College representative will be present with a list of certifications students can earn through NW-SCC.

“Our goal is just to spark some interest and hopefully give some ideas as to what opportunities job wise are available in our area,” James added.