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Land Transaction: Aug. 1-15

Aug. 1

Michael Frost to Michael Frost, executor’s

Barbara Peppers to Bryan L. Herring, warranty

Daniel Humphries to Lance Wells, survivorship

Mindy Hardy to Alice Hubbard, warranty

Charles Powers to Helen McKinney, warranty

Eddie Britton to David Britton, survivorship

Robert McCurry to Perry Crowell, warranty

Michael Faulkner to Alonzo Sebastian, survivorship

Aug. 2

Kenneth Pinkard to Sims Bark Co Inc, contract

Kenneth Pinkard to Sims Bark Co Inc, warranty

Walter Miller to Andrew Welborn, warranty

Aug. 5

Robbi Oneal to Denine O’Neal, quit claim

Mary Morrow to William Morrow, personal representative

Mary Morrow to Peggy Benefield, personal representative

Mary Morrow to Mary Morrow, personal representative

Carolyn Weeks to Hugh Weeks, power of attorney

Hugh Weeks to Carolyn Weeks, power of attorney

Aug. 6

Finney Branch Properties to David Grissom, warranty

Paula Young to Andres Lopez, sale

Odis Hamilton to Josh Defoor, survivorship

Steven Franks to Steven Franks, warranty

Aug. 9

Roger Mitchell to Cynthia McCarley, warranty

Derek Baker to Alabama Power Company, easement

David Fox to Alabama Power Company, warranty

Christine Jackson to Hunter Jackson, quit claim

Lee King to Cassidy King, warranty

King Morgan to Cassidy King, warranty

Aug. 12

The Estate of Bobby Gene to Brandon Wilson, warranty

John Seal to John Seal, survivorship

Jan Evans to Shannon Smith, lease

Gene Ward to Terry James, warranty

Aug. 13

Mona Bahnsen to James Hellums, warranty

Lynn Lane to Will Lane, survivorship

Eva Humphres to Perry Humphres, power of attorney

Aug. 14

Tiffany Terry to Bradley Bohannon, quit claim

Colby Cox to James Sutton, conservator

Aug. 15

Delores Forse to Bernice Gurley, warranty

Sara Malone to Jerry Kimbrough, affidavit

Caleb Wade to Jerry Kimbrough, affidavit

Jerry Kimbrough to Raymond Timmons, warranty

Jaime Valdez to Pascual Pedro, sale contract

Tammy Frost to Tammy Frost, survivorship

Holdbrooks Holdings LLC to David Grissom, warranty