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Super Citizen Program keeps ‘you in U.S.A.’

More than 475 second-graders from West Elementary and third-graders from Russellville Elementary held American flags in the air as chants of “keep the you in the U.S.A” filled Russellville auditorium Tuesday for the Super Citizen Program Kickoff.

The Super Citizen Program is a 10-week program through the Liberty Learning Foundation. In these 10 weeks, students will learn about civics, character, financial literacy, careers and social studies.

“That’s what I love about this program – that it teaches a love of this country and what we can do to make it grow and prosper,” said Russellville City Schools Superintendent Heath Grimes.

Students began the program by learning about the Statue of Liberty, led by none other than Libby Liberty. She educated the students on her size by comparing her nose to a car and her body to a football field. She also told the story of how she traveled from France to the U.S. by comparing workers putting her together to Minecraft and Legos.

Students talked about what it means to be a citizen, what it takes to be a super citizen and how they are the next great Americans.

“You are all United States citizens, and that is so important and so special to hold that title because that means that you have all sorts of rights and freedoms because you live in this country,” said Liberty Learning Foundation representative Jessica Quillen.

During the 10-week program, students will divide into groups and nominate super citizens from the community to be honored at the end of the program when the students graduate.

The Next Great Americans Tour will continue Thursday at Belgreen, when more than 375 students from Belgreen, East Franklin Junior High, Phil Campbell Elementary, Red Bay, Tharptown Elementary and Vina will begin the Super Citizen Program, as well.