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Hi folks,

For the past several months I have been trying to “downsize” and keep only those things that tell a story. I ask myself, where did all this “stuff” come from? Some items, I can remember where it was that I received them; others hold a question mark.

Last week I ran across a veteran cap that a good buddy left at the store. I kept the cap so he could pick it up on his next visit. That never happened; he passed from this life a few months after leaving the cap with me. 

My thought was to give this cap to one of his relatives, but which one? 

Last week a member of his family was visiting with us, and I was going to give the cap to her, but she told me to keep it for myself. She said, “He had a lot of those caps, and he always left them with those that he called his friends.” 

This cap is another “keeper” for me because it tells a story.

Several readers of Homefolks U.S.A. tell me they have collections of various things – like glassware, Coca-Cola items, knives and guns. One person said they collected salt and pepper shakers. Many people collect books, old pictures – whatever you enjoy collecting, just keep looking and searching and enjoy your hobby.

In a few weeks the Watermelon Festival will be taking place here in Russellville, and I know plans has been made and everyone is expecting this to be a really big event. We hope you are planning on attending. There will be a lot of vendors, a great lineup of entertainment and watermelons – all shapes and sizes – on display. 

It’s always good to visit with friends that return every year, and there are always good memories to be had and shared every year.

 I have several framed pictures of folks and events from years gone by. If you visit our store, be sure to look them over. You are sure to recognize some familiar faces.

Please continue to read our stories. Your remarks are always helpful and appreciated so much.

Til next time,

Your friend,