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Land Transactions: July 11-29

July 11

Inez Ashley to Vernon L. Ashley, power of attorney

Gabriela Gonzalez Roman to Emilio Huerta Velazquez, warranty

Jeanelle Nix to Deborah S. Cansler, warranty

Lee Hacker to Bob Knight, quit claim

Bob Knight to Phillip Rogers, warranty

Gene Ellison to Roger Bedford, tax

Gene Ellison to Roger Bedford, tax

July 12

Chip May to Michael May, affidavit

Chip May to Josh Ruple, survivorship

Ronald D. Page to Elois U. Page, quit claim

Elois U. Page to Ronald D. Page, survivorship

Helen Nelson to Lindley Hollander, warranty

Kenneth Pounders to Samuel Kade Lynch, warranty

Edin Argueta to Mildred Matilde Argueta, power of attorney

Gregory N. Sherrill to Douglas Carl Aaron, foreclosure

Tammy Baker to Patrick Brannon Sr., survivorship

July 15

Thomas A. Franks Jr.  to Michael David Franks, power of attorney

July 16

Sue Cross to Brian K. Burns, warranty

Alfredo Vela to Franklin County Board of, covenants and restrictions

Harold Hugh Clark to Alabama Power Company, right of way

Ronald Vinson to Alabama Power Company, right of way

Haskiel Massey to Kim Maria Lindsey, warranty

James Niel Thompson to James Brian Thompson, warranty

July 17

James David Ward to Robert Wright, survivorship

Jonarthur Street to randall L. Hester, survivorship

Donald E. Finley to Pedro Rosalio Cast Grave, survivorship

Paul Jackson Hulsey to Marcus Potter, survivorship

Darren Thompson to Teresa Matias, survivorship

James Turbyfill to Betty Ruth Glenn, affidavit

Doyle Martin to Vernon L. Chandler, warranty

Eddie Britton to Derek Gann, survivorship

Jamie Kiel to Jesus Huerta Velazquez, survivorship

Jean Massey McIntosh to Henry Ladd McIntosh, executor’s

Douglas Cain to Doug Liles, survivorship

H W Watson and Son Loggi to Josh Epperson, warranty

July 18

Randall Kieth Mansell to Andrew Ryan Mansell, corrective

Rosa L. Snider to Rosa L. Snider, executor’s

Charles Franklin I Brown to Gary Liles, warranty

Billy Moomaw to William Malcomb Moomaw, affidavit

Billy Moomaw to Connie J. Young, affidavit

Rebecca Green Thomason to Norma Terrazas, affidavit

Tammy Fleming Harris to Terry Gene Zills, warranty

July 19

Russellville Land and Timber to Scott Blake Seal, warranty

Fred A. Pilgrim to Angelina Matias, warranty

July 22

Patricia Ann Lucas to Teresa Elzina Lucas, warranty

Milton R. Garrison to Ryan W. Sitorius, survivorship

Elois U. Page to Roger L. Page, survivorship

Tonya Nicole Glass to Jeffrey R. Glass, quit claim

Mike Mayfield to Thomas A. Bonds, administrator’s

July 25

Jerry Green to Patsy Green, quit claim

July 26

Jackie Harrison to Janice K. Beal, survivorship

July 29

Terry Devaney to New Towers LLC, memorandum of lease

Terry Devaney to New Towers LLC, affidavit

Aldo Echeverria to Alma Bermudez, warranty

Aldo Echeverria to Alma Echeverria, warranty

The Estate of Ray Clark to Gustavo Monterroso, survivorship

Administrator of the Smal to Danny Conaway, quit claim

Lydia E. Stidham to Martin Tomas Francisco, warranty

1st Franklin Financial Co to Kristin Wilson, affidavit

Martin Tomas Francisco to Juana Tomas Tomas, quit claim