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PHOTO BY CIERA HUGHES Jessica Hernandez donates blood at the American Red Cross Blood Drive July 26 at the Russellville Fire Department.

RFD blood drive helps American Red Cross need

After the American Red Cross recently issued an emergency call for all blood types to donate, the residents of Franklin County have answered.

Blood donors attended a local drive July 25 at the Russellville Fire Department between the hours of 1-6 p.m.

“We love hosting things like this to really give the people a chance to come out and donate,” said Russellville Fire Chief Joe Mansell.

Mansell said any time he walked by the area where the blood drive was, people were constantly coming in. 

This was the first blood drive the fire department has hosted this year, but hosting such drives is a regular effort by the RFD.

At registration, donors showed two forms of identification and took a short health screening before giving blood to ensure they were in good condition to donate. Once a representative pricked their finger for a drop of blood and ran their blood through the computer, if all levels met requirements, the individual was cleared to give blood.

Snacks and drinks were available to all who donated to help with the recovery process.

“That’s one thing that is good about Franklin County – anytime the people here know there is a need, they usually do their best to try and help,” Mansell said. “It’s great to see the people of Franklin County continuing to do what they always do, which is help out.”