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RHS’ Anna Woods dominates All-Star competition

Although All-Star Sports Week is a well-founded tradition in Alabama, with North and South teams made up of the best players from each corner of the state facing off to show their skills, 2019 is the first year for tennis to join the slate of sports in the spotlight – and a Russellville student-athlete got to be part of the inaugural year.

As Coach Charlotte Dollar put it, Lady Golden Tiger Anna Woods wasn’t content just to compete in the first-ever All-Star tennis showdown. Instead, the RHS junior brought all her skill to the court.

“Anna played amazing. She was awesome. She dominated her match completely,” said Dollar, who attended the competition in Montgomery, as did Woods’ parents and sister. “She did a great job.”

Woods was selected for singles competition and won 6-0, 6-0 against her opponent on the South team.

“It was an honor because this was the first ever year,” said Woods, who was RHS’ No. 1 player for the entirety of the most recent season. “It was nice to play for the first year and make history because we were the first team ever to do it. I was excited.”

Woods said she and her fellow All-Stars stayed at the Auburn University-Montgomery campus during their time in the capital city, and while practice and prep were the name of the game, the star athletes also had the chance for a little fun and fellowship.

“We got to have roommates and got to know them really well,” said Woods, whose roommates were from Huntsville and Spain Park. She said all the tennis All-Stars – North and South, boys and girls – went bowling together Wednesday before Thursday competition. “We all became really good friends in two days. We all got to know a lot about each other.”

Woods said during practice she noted her competitor, who was also named Anna, had plenty of talent and would pose a challenge. Once they were on the court, however, Woods was able to hit her stride and show her skill.

“She just dominated so completely. There was never a time that it was in question,” said Dollar. “We’re looking forward to next year. Seeing this gives us big hopes for next year for the team. Hopefully we’ll make it to state again next year.”

Woods headed straight from Montgomery to Georgia to take on another tennis tournament – and to watch a Braves game – but her experience in the inaugural All-Stars tennis competition will always be a high point, for Woods as well as for Russellville.

“We were very proud to be a part of that,” Dollar said. “Forever she can say she played in the very first one.”

The North boys and girls each posted 8-1 victories at the Montgomery Country Club to win the inaugural All-Star tennis competition.