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Why I Love Franklin County: Joey Rushing

FRANKLIN LIVING— Joey Rushing has been Franklin County’s district attorney for 15 years. He’s been a Franklin County citizen nearly all his life, moving here when he was 4 years. He and his wife Tessa Rushing, a second-grade teacher, have two children: Will, 18, and Leah, 15.

Where did you go to school?

Russellville High School, Class of 1988; Jacksonville State University, Class of 1992; and University of Alabama School of Law, Class of 1995

How did you choose your career as Franklin County district attorney?

I wanted a fulfilling job, and I believed prosecuting individuals and holding them responsible for criminal behavior would be a good fit for me. I also enjoy helping people and felt this would give me an opportunity to do that as well.

What is your favorite place to visit in Franklin County?

The ballfields and gyms (of course)

What are your favorite Franklin County restaurants, and what do you like about each of them?

43 Grill has great pork chops, El Patron has great tamales and I like B&J Café for the great smoked chicken.

Why do you love Franklin County?

I have lived here my whole life and have met so many nice people throughout my life that have had a positive influence on me. That is what brought me back here and why I love living here.

Fast Five

1. Favorite hobby: Reading

2. Favorite food: Pizza

3. Goal or ambition: (1) Treat people with respect and (2) Don’t take life too seriously

4. Church: First United Methodist Church, Russellville

5. Something people might not know about me is: In college I looked so much like Ferris Bueller/Matthew Broderick, I had several people ask if I was him, and one even asked for an autograph. Unfortunately, I recently had someone tell me I looked like “the before picture” of Jared from Subway.