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Summer meal program serves local children

Even when schools are “closed for the summer,” local campuses remain bustling hubs of activity. From Russellville City Schools’ PAWS summer camp for youth, to youth sports camps, to high school band camp and more, local students have pervaded RCS facilities nearly as much in the summer as they do during the academic year. To be sure students have their nutritional needs met to enjoy those long summer days, RCS has offered children in summer camps breakfast and lunch at no charge each day – and has provided the same to any child who attended the open mealtimes at the schools.
“It’s kind of like you car: If you don’t have gas in it, it’s not going to run,” said RCS Child Nutrition Program director Elaine Vaughn in explaining the importance of children having access to a hearty breakfast and lunch each day. “Some kids, these are the only two meals they get a day.”
Vaughn said it’s the same reason RCS seeks to provide meals to RCS students at no charge during the school year: In order to be alert, ready to grow and develop, children need food to fuel their bodies and minds.
“We all like to eat. Our bodies need it,” Vaughn said.


To continue providing breakfast and lunch at no charge for Russellville City School students, families within the district must fill out and return the form sent out recently by the RCS Children Nutrition Program. CNP director Elaine Vaughn urged anyone who has not yet filled out this form to do so right away. “We feel like it’s a valuable thing for the children,” Vaughn said. “We want every child to have the opportunity to have a breakfast and lunch at no charge.”
The system previous provided meals at no charge under the Community Eligibility Provision but will now transition to Provision 2, which essentially requires a different method of application and funding documentation by school systems.