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Hi folks,

A lot of people made their way to Franklin County last week to attend the big Fourth of July celebration. I did not get to attend, but from what I have been told it was one of the largest gathering so far to celebrate Independence Day.

A full array of entertainment was scheduled for the day, beginning at 8 a.m. the morning of the Fourth and continuing throughout the day. The celebration ended with a great fireworks display. What’s the Fourth without fireworks?

Many thanks for those responsible for putting this event together.

Next month another big event will take place in downtown Russellville with the 39th Annual Watermelon Festival. Please mark your calendars and be ready to attend this great event.

Many years ago, I remember my friend Wayne Parker saying, “We need something to bring folks to our neck of the woods.” I wish Wayne was still around to see the big crowds that flock to Franklin County for these events.

Last week I traveled to Columbia, Tenn., and I passed a Parker’s Discount on Highway 43 north of Lawrenceburg, and my mind went back to my friend Wayne. He would be so proud to see what his family has done to keep that business going. For many years Wayne was a butcher for a grocery store in Russellville. Then he started a little Saturday night auction, and it certainly proved to be a great success.

I can think of so many good things Wayne did for people. He was a very genuine person, and I know many acts of kindness that he did for families that were in need. Those acts of kindness will never be forgotten.

He always had a Christmas present for me, and he got a big laugh every time he made his delivery. I still have these gifts; one was a pair of Liberty overalls, size 60. He told me to keep eating and one day they would be a perfect fit.

It’s so wonderful to have the good memories of people who have made a great input on our county, and Wayne Parker was one of the best.

Till next time,

Your friend,


Thought for the Day

Friends are like the stars: We don’t always see them, but we know they are always there.