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Hikers discover human skull

A human skull was discovered June 9 at Horseshoe Bend Campground, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the FCSO press release, individuals were hiking in a flood zone area across the water from the campground when they discovered the skull in the late afternoon June 9. Sheriff Shannon Oliver said at least one of the hikers was a local man.

Oliver said the area where the skull was found is secluded, who said that to reach it, a person would have to travel by boat and then on foot.

The hikers reported their find to the FCSO, and Oliver said they had not touched or moved the skull. He said the discovery is a full skull with some parts intact and some parts coming apart.

“It appears to have been exposed to the elements and weather for a while,” Oliver said.

Investigators were able to recover the skull early the next morning and started the process of sending it for forensic testing and possible identification. No other bones or evidence was found at the scene.

Oliver said part of the skull’s dental structure was intact, and the FCSO is hoping a dental record match will be found.

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