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I’ve nearly let the month of May go by without sharing some thoughts on our latest magazine.

As I note in this issue, my favorite part of putting together Franklin Living six times a year is the opportunity to share the stories of Franklin County people and their most deeply-held passions. Whether its food or flowers, cattle or crafting – whatever the topic, I find myself drawn into by their commitment to their hobbies and their work. I’m entranced by people’s unending interest in the pursuit into which they are pouring their hearts.

I was a sophomore in college, writing a piece for “The Auburn Plainsman” about the Auburn University Student Space Program’s CubeSat project, the first time I realized: Even if I am not personally invested in a given subject, I can still find a special kind of passion for it, vicariously, through those who are gracious enough to share their stories with me.

The CubeSat project was far beyond my understanding in many ways, and I recall vividly the leading professor on the project was doubtful I could write a news article that explained it well.

As I listened to him and his students explain it, however, I became engrossed. I channeled their excitement – and I knew absorbing people’s passion was something I would be able to do again and again as a journalist.

That conviction came to mind again for this issue of Franklin Living magazine.

I doubt I will ever be able to cultivate the artistic talent and drive exhibited by local artist María Camp; it would be a strange turn of events that would find me working at Mar-Jac; and no one will ever accuse me of having a green thumb like the gifted members of the Cultura Garden Club. But despite those personal limitations, the good folks I talked to for each of these stories were able to inspire in me a greater interest in the topics, just by sharing their own passion for the subjects at hand.

My passion is writing. It’s something I’m thankful to get to do every day and share stories like these with all of you.

If you have something – be it a hobby, history, collectible or special skill – that ignites your passion, I would love to hear about it – and, no doubt, ignite my own interest in the thing that lights you up.