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franklin county times

Land transactions: March 11-15, 2019

March 11

David Tidwell to Brian Keith Edgar, warranty

Gill Galloway to Alabama Power Company, easement

Franklin County Board to Alabama Power Company, easement

Marcella Johnson to Alabama Power Company, easement

March 12

Brenda Morton to Jeffrey L. Eby, power of attorney

Troy Morton to Jeffrey L. Eby, power of attorney

Robert Habada to Troy Morton, survivorship

Cadence Bank to Chad Wells, warranty

Tim Gintz to Taylor Gintz, quit claim

Taylor Gintz to Tiffany Gintz, power of attorney

Stanley Gilliland to Erica Swinney, sale contract

Harold Miller to Gene R. Bendall, warranty

Gene R. Bendall to Harold Miller, survivorship

Phillip Wade Barksdale to Ronald Page, warranty

Loyal F. Page to Ronald D. Page, warranty

Jacob Henry Scarborough to Wells Fargo Bank, foreclosure

Madelene McAnally to Felicia Taylor, warranty

Vula Faye Edwards to Ronnie Eugene Edwards, warranty

William H. Smith JR to Juana Juan Miguel, survivorship

Mary Ellen Wells to Mary Ellen Wells, survivorship

March 13

Jerry W. James to John Reeves, foreclosure

Ralph Newell to Jim Pinkard, warranty

Nicky Aycock to Ada Elizabeth Waldrep, survivorship

Marvin McKinney Jr. to David Ward, warranty

March 14

Billy Herring to Billy Herring, survivorship

Gail Marie Cantrell to Martin Dodds, warranty

Benjamin Heath Marks to Cecil Edward Harris Jr., survivorship

March 15

Bobby Bryan Sutton to Chad Wells, survivorship

State of Alabama Department to Oscar Lopez, affidavit

Joseph A. Gallagher JR to Oscar L. Lopez, warranty

Corey B. Flanagan to Alma B. Salgado, warranty

A.B. Crouch to Steve Gober, survivorship

Stephen Keith Gober to Steven E. Kelly, survivorship

Phillip Fretwell to Jimmy Clayton Summers, survivorship