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Embracing the gift of grace


Some of our favorite anthems in the church center on this one little word — grace. Amazing, matchless, wonderful grace.

And yet, far too often, we live our lives, day in and day out, with no true recognition of what grace means, how it chances everything for us. Today, let’s focus on how grace opens the door for us to approach God.

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” — Hebrews 4:16 ESV

The throne of grace is such a beautiful image, isn’t it?

God, in all His glory and power, sits on the throne of grace, where we have the profound gift of coming to Him with boldness in any situation or circumstance.

How often do we forget that? How often do we fail to remember that He is ever-present in our lives, always there to hear our prayers and to respond to our call?

Perhaps, what we need now more than ever, is to remember grace is both the provision of God for us to know salvation and the invitation of God to draw near to Him.

How often are you guilty of trying to do it all on your own? Or maybe you don’t bring your requests to God because you feel they are too small or you are not worthy?

The throne of grace is the answer to all of this — it’s the opening God offers for us to share our burdens, our fears, our doubts and our need with Him. Why don’t we embrace that?