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BTCPA announces auditions

The Bay Tree Council for the Performing Arts in Red Bay has announced auditions for its second production of the season, “Curious Savage,” written by John Patrick and directed by Mark Richardson.

Auditions will be held at Community Spirit Bank’s Weatherford Centre in Red Bay Dec. 11 at 2 p.m. and Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. The cast calls for five men and six women, with potential roles for older teenagers who could appear to be in their early 20s. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the book.

In this comedy, Mrs. Savage has been left $10 million by her husband and wants to make the best use of it, in spite of her grown-up stepchildren’s efforts to get their hands on it. Knowing that the widow’s wealth is now in negotiable securities, and seeing they cannot get hold of the fortune, the stepchildren commit her to a sanatorium hoping to “bring her to her senses.” In the sanatorium Mrs. Savage meets various social misfits, men and women who just cannot adjust themselves to life – people who need the help Mrs. Savage can provide. But when the doctor tells her there is no reason why she should remain, she hesitates to go out into a hard world where people seem ready to do anything for money.

The dominant mood is high comedy, and BTCPA’s Scott Kennedy said the audience is left with “a feeling that the neglected virtues of kindness and affection have not been entirely lost in a world that seems at times motivated only by greed and dishonesty.”

Performance dates will be Feb. 16-19, 2017, and dinner will be available before the play. Dinner theater tickets must be purchased in advance; for information about bringing a group, contact Beth Hammock at 256-356-9286.