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USPS: Spruce up that mailbox

The U.S. Postal Service is asking all homeowners to inspect and repair their mailboxes to improve their appearance as well as fix any issues to bring boxes up to official standards.
“Functional mailboxes help delivery and collection operations and improve service,” said Russellville Postmaster Timothy Eli. “The Postal Service is asking customers to set a good example for their neighbors by ensuring their residential mailboxes are in excellent condition.”
Does your mailbox reflect a positive image of your home? Is it time to replace loose hinges on the mailbox door so that it properly closes? Has the door rusted or started to peel? A coat of paint will give it a much-needed facelift. Do you need to replace or add your house numbers – crucial for the Postal Service as well as emergency responders? And just how stable is that mailbox post since an anonymous driver backed into it?
Receptacles must be approved traditional, contemporary or locked full/limited service curbside mailboxes. A customer may use a custom-built curbside mailbox, if the postmaster gives prior approval and the mailbox conforms generally to the same requirements as approved manufactured curbside mailboxes relative to the flag, size, strength and construction quality. The mailbox must display the house number on the side of single mailboxes or on the door of grouped mailboxes.
Generally, mailboxes should be installed at a height of 41-45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry. Mailboxes are set back 6-8 inches from the front face of the curb or road edge to the mailbox door. Customers must place mailboxes on motorized city, rural and contract delivery service routes so a carrier can safely and conveniently serve them without leaving his or her vehicle.
“The Postal Service does not regulate mailbox supports in any way except for purposes of carrier safety and delivery efficiency,” said Eli. “On behalf of our carriers, I’m asking the Russellville community to take a look at their mailboxes and make any necessary repairs.”