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Red Bay votes for council, mayor

In the race to the top, Red Bay’s new mayor is undecided: Charlene Fancher (388 votes) will be campaigning another six weeks, as will Mike Shewbart (306) until a run-off election solidifies the winner.

Bobby Nelson earned 155 votes in the mayor’s race.

“I certainly appreciate the voters who came out,” said Fancher, who is presently a city council representative. “I appreciate the respect my opponents have had for each other.”

Fancher said she is ready to “roll up my sleeves and go at it.”

“All you can do is put the facts out there. It’s all about choices. That’s what the citizens of Red Bay need to take a good look at – the true picture of real experience and who has given it their all so far,” she said.

Shewbart, who is presently director of operations for the city, also said he is “very thankful for those folks who came out and voted.” He’s looking forward to continue to talk with the people of Red Bay and “share our plan and try to work hard.”

“It’s a time we can work hard to get the message out, and that’s what we’re planning on doing,” Shewbart said.

In Red Bay’s place three – the only council position to have more than one candidate running – incumbent Herbert Trulove came out on top with 585 votes to Andy Deaton’s 244 votes.