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Nale wants to continue history of service to city

William Nale
William Nale

For William Nale, being re-elected to District 2 on Russellville City Council will mean continuing forward progress on unfinished business.

“I don’t want to leave those unattended, and I’m afraid someone else might not pick up the reins and go on with what I wanted to do,” Nale said.

Having served two terms already on the Russellville City Council, Nale said he feels he has a good sense of the role and what is needed in his district and in the city. One of his focuses is a new fire station for District 2, at Duncan Creek and Clay. “The land has already been pledged to the city, and with the help of Chief Mansell, we already have two sets of plans for a small station,” Nale said. “In today’s time, we have more people in that area thatn we do anywhere else in Russellville, with the students in the schools. It will cut down on response time for emergency calls in that area and help keep our ISO rating down.” Nale cited the department’s recently lowered ISO – down to a level 2 – and the benefit that is to the city in the form of reduced home insurance rates.

Nale would also like to focus on cleaning up the city – “the abandoned vehicles and the lots grown up.”

“We have not had a compliance officer filling in that position. Chief Hargett has been managing to stay on top off it, but we do get complaints,” Nale said.

Other priorities for Nale include new industries and continued work on downtown rehabilitation.

Born and raised in Russellville, Nale has worked for the city since 1972. He first hired in as fire chief and has served as assistant street superintendent; in the building and license department; at the police department; and in parks and recreation. “I love Russellville, and I love helping not only the people in my district but the citizens of Russellville. I want everybody to have a better life and better city services.”

For Nale, being a good councilman means listening to the people and trying to get their needs met. “I know who to contact on what needs we have,” Nale said. “I have eight years’ experience and the contacts in Washington I have made over the past few years.”

Future city improvements, Nale said, might be a city engineer and a Russellville EMA – two initiatives he would like to support.

He is married to Debbie, who is over the media center at the high school, and they have three children and eight grandchildren. He is a member of Calvary Baptist Church and active the Fraternal Order of Police – state trustee for the local lodge, chairman of the state trustees and serves on the ways and means committee and the site committee.