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Elliott pursues return to council service

Arthur Elliott
Arthur Elliott

If Arthur Elliott is elected to council district 4 in Russellville, it won’t be his first rodeo. He previously served as a councilman from 2004-2008.

“A lot of people talked to me about getting back into this race and finishing what I started,” Elliott said. “I have prayed about this thing forever.” After much thought and contemplation, he decided to give it another go. “I want to clean up the city. I want to change the path we’re going on right now – I want to do my part to do that. I’m so sincere about it because I’m a surveyor for the state. I understand property values, and I understand what makes a municipality work.”

Elliott said he doesn’t see forward progress right now in the City of Russellville.

“In order to make people satisfied, you have to do things for them,” Elliott said. “We’re not using their tax dollars to help them directly.”

Elliott said he will prioritize getting city services, including fire, police, street and parks and recreation, to a higher level of execution. “We can’t keep employees because they can’t get raises. We can’t keep good people in our city; they choose to move. We bring in jobs, but the quality of the jobs they’re bringing in are not ones that make people want to stay here,” Elliott said. “I would like to bring in higher-paying jobs, I want to see the streets cleaned up, and I want to see our city services upgraded. I’m just not happy with what’s going on.”

Elliott is a 20-year business owner, of Elliott Cleaning Service. Other experience he thinks will be an asset as councilman will be service with the parks and recreation department, the street department, the civil service board and management experience at the state level. He is also a volunteer firefighter and has several engineering management and design certifications from courses throughout the state.

“I’m offering the experience and knowledge I have to try to help this city,” he said.

The biggest challenge facing the city is codes and ordinance compliance, Elliott said. Bringing in more restaurants and more entertainment options also needs to be a priority for the city. As a councilman, Elliott was directly involved with bringing Wendy’s to Russellville and selling the Russellville Marketplace building to bring in new businesses, he said. He’s also proud of efforts during his term of service that contributed to the lowering of the ISO rating for Russellville Fire Department.

“I’m very passionate about getting the pride back to Russellville,” Elliott said.

He is married to Lashanda and has two children, AJ and Amber, three step-children and two step-grandchildren. He is a member of Polk Street church of Christ.