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Accident leaves Russellville man with extensive burns

An RHS alum is recovering at UAB following an Aug. 3 incident in which a brush pile fire got out of hand.

According to the Facebook support page Prayers for Wesley Bohannon, Wesley Bohannon, Paul Green, Justin Payne and John Daniel Grissom decided to pour gas on a brush pile and shoot a bottle rocket into it to set it on fire last Wednesday. Unbeknownst to them, live embers still remained under the brush pile from a previous fire, and when the gas hit the embers, it exploded.

Bohannon is reported to have burned 55 percent of his body, with first degree burns on his face and chest, with second degree burns and possible third degree burns over the rest of his body. He was admitted to the ICU burn unit at UAB.

According to the Facebook page, Green also suffered second degree burns and is at the UAB burn unit, and Payne is at Keller, while Grissom was treated at Keller and released.

The Prayers for Wesley Bohannon Facebook page is being updated by his parents, Ginger and Joel Bohannon. He is the brother of Austin Bohannon, who graduated from RHS class of 2016.