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July Fest awards $17K to draw down winner

Photo by Bernie MoussadLuanne Vickery wins $17,000 in the July Fest draw down.
Photo by Bernie Moussad
Luanne Vickery wins $17,000 in the July Fest draw down.

By Bernie Moussad

As each Vina July Fest comes, so does the excitement of possibly winning a brand car or a large sum of money.

This past weekend, Vina held its annual July Fest at the Vina Fire Department. Many people left with a little bit extra cash in their pockets, but one lucky winner left with a lot more than that. July Fest includes many attractions, including live music, vendors and a brilliant fireworks show, but the main attraction each year is the Draw Down.

The Vina Fire Department holds a drawing each year for small cash prizes and for the chance to a win a car or $17,000. The department sells 325 tickets at $100 each, and many folks sit anxiously waiting throughout the day for the drawing, crossing their fingers that their ticket will be the last one drawn. This is, of course, because the last ticket to be drawn is the winner of a car or the money.

However, there were small prizes to be won throughout. For every 25 tickets, someone would $100 or $200, so more than one person walked away a winner. As each ticket was drawn, a disappointed look could be seen on the ticket holder’s face.

As it came to the final two tickets to be drawn, the ticket holders were given the option to split the money. Luanne Vickery, one of the final two, came forward and asked to split the prize; however, the other ticket holder wasn’t present. They attempted to call the missing ticket holder but couldn’t reach them, so the drawing had to continue with the winner receiving all of the money.

One final ticket was drawn, and it wasn’t Vickery’s. She was ecstatic because this meant she was the winner.

Vickery said she had bought only two of the tickets and could hardly believe her luck, considering this was the first year she had ever participated in the drawing.

She chose the $17,000 prize, which she said will go to her dad and brother, but “they better give me a little bit,” since she picked the winning number.