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RCS makes improvements to track

By Bernie Moussad for the FCT



Among the renovations taking place at Tiger Stadium in Russellville is something many citizens of Russellville are used to walking on during summers past – the track.


When it was decided that the field would be redone, the Russellville City Schools Board of Education decided to also redo the track. It has been worked on throughout the summer and is nearing completion.


Coach Mark Heaton said, “They’re finishing painting the lines on the track, and it should be done soon,” which means Russellville citizens will be able to enjoy a place to walk, jog or run with friends very shortly. “We still have to have a final inspection,” said Heaton, which is necessary in order to be able to use the track for track meets in the spring.


There are probably many people who feel nostalgic about the changes that have come to Tiger Stadium, but they will more than likely feel positively about them after seeing all of these renovations completed.