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Dems select Terry Bolton

Terry Bolton
Terry Bolton

When it comes to the November election, candidate Terry Bolton is getting a second chance to run for county commission.

With the passing away of incumbent Wyman Pounders, who won the primary against Bolton in March, the local Democratic Executive Committee was tasked with appointing a candidate to face Republican nominee Jason Miller. June 30, the committee opted unanimously to put Bolton back on the campaign trail.

Interim Chairman Eddie Britton said when Roxann Pounders indicated she did not wish to run in the election, “she said there was only one person we should consider: Mr. Terry Bolton.”

Bolton, for his part, said he was eager to get back on the campaign trail, although he recognized the bittersweet circumstances.

Roxann Pounders, while turning down any potential opportunity to run in the election, has written a letter to the governor expressing her interest in completing her husband’s term of office. Gov. Robert Bentley is tasked with appointing Pounders’ replacement for the remaining term, if he so chooses.

“I feel like it’s something (Wyman) would want me to do. He was so passionate about helping people, and he and I have a lot of the same ideas and goals,” she said. “I feel I could finish out what he started.”

She has also spoken with Republican Chairman Jerry Mays about her desire to finish her husband’s term. The Republican Executive Committee will make a recommendation to the governor as to who they would like to see appointed. Mays said he can see Roxann’s point.

“We’re in no hurry, but we’ll probably meet sometime this week,” Mays said. “Out of respect for Mr. Pounders, we’re just giving it time … He was an asset to the county and should be respected.”