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RBHS learns flag etiquette

Red Bay High School students learn techniques of flag etiquette, like proper folding.
Red Bay High School students learn techniques of flag etiquette, like proper folding.

By Brandi Miller

For the FCT

Woodmen Life Insurance representative Barry Sellers and outreach manager Philip Robertson recently visited with the junior class of Red Bay High School to demonstrate a skill many would consider to be very important to the students, who will be the future leaders of this country.   These men demonstrated proper flag etiquette.

“We feel it is very important our students understand the meaning of the American Flag,” said RBHS principal Kenny Sparks.

Robertson provided some interesting historical facts about how the flag was originally designed and how that design changed over time. Junior class member Tate Ozbirn assisted Sellers in demonstrating how to appropriately display and fold an American flag.

“I am glad Mr. Sellers and Mr. Robertson did this demonstration for us,” said Ozbirn. “I think this is very important to know, and everyone should learn the proper procedure. I enjoyed the entire presentation and learned a lot of interesting facts.”

The presentation and demonstration were something Sparks felt strongly about, and he said he was grateful the students were able to view it.

“Some people in our country today do not fully understand the price that was paid so we could have our freedom,” said Sparks. “We want our children in our community to have respect for the flag and our country. I think there is an ideology among many today that freedom is given to each of us without a price from our forefathers. We are only one generation away from losing everything that has been purchased with the lives of so many.”