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Starting the day off right

Bus drivers for Red Bay schools were recognized last week as part of a state-wide appreciation day
Bus drivers for Red Bay schools were recognized last week as part of a state-wide appreciation day

The last Thursday of the month of January now has a special meaning for the people who have an extra special job in the schools.  Beginning this year, the Alabama Legislature designated this day on the calendar as “School Bus Driver Appreciation Day.”  This is a day for the state of Alabama to recognize and honor the outstanding job performance of bus drivers who transport students to and from school and related events throughout the year.

“The bus driver is the first school employee a child sees in the morning and the last one they see in the afternoon,” said elementary principal Johnny Cleveland.  “It is the driver that could influence the child to have a great day at school, to do his or her best, and to set high goals.”

Dr. Jacqueline Parsons, along with Cleveland, organized and spearheaded a special effort to make sure the bus drivers at Red Bay High School were recognized on their special day.

“Our bus drivers have an incredibly difficult job,” said Parsons.  “They have to drive huge vehicles and keep the children secure while following state and federal guidelines to make sure everyone arrives to school and back home safely.  I really commend the bus drivers for doing a great job.”

The bus drivers received “goodie bags” with treats from Mr. Sparks, RBHS principal, Mr. Cleveland, Dr. Parsons, and the Child Nutrition workers.  The goodie bags also contained gift cards from Cornerstone Thrift Store.  Mrs. Sonya Jackson’s second grade students decorated the bags.

“This recognition is long overdue,” said Sparks.  “The commitment our bus drivers make to their jobs is outstanding.

The following bus drivers were recognized for the outstanding job done for the school system and students:

Bus 09-02, Driver Patty Robbins has 10 years of experience

Bus 09-09, Driver Denise Morrow has

Bus 09-04, Driver Gary Lindsey has seven years of experience

Bus 09-05, Driver Neva Armstrong has 26 years of experience

Bus 09-07, Driver Royce Miller has nine years of experience

Bus 09-32, Driver Ed Crane has eight years of experience

Bus 09-08, Driver Michelle Wooten has 14 years of experience

Bus 09-03, Driver John Petree has six years of experience

RBHS assistant principal Jeff Madden echoed the sentiments shared by everyone at RBHS.

“The bus drivers are an amazingly valuable asset to our schools,” said Madden.  “They set the tone for the entire day for our students and this sets the day for everyone else.  I thank them for their dedication to our students and all the hard work they put forth every school day.”

While one special day is nice, officials want to make sure that every day the bus drivers are loved and appreciated at RBHS.