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Jones wins Built by Bama service award

Russellville native Lindsey Jones, Assistant Director of External Operations/Event Management at the University of Alabama, was named as the recipient of the Built by Bama Service Award.

Jones came up through the ranks at Alabama. As a student, she worked with women’s tennis as a manager. After receiving her degree, she moved into her current position within the Event Management operation. During that time, she has always put her best effort and engaging personality into everything she does.

“Lindsey has a magnetic personality that is revealed in her dealings with her constituents,” head women’s tennis coach Jenny Mainz said.

“She takes so much pride in her position at Alabama and is committed to ensuring our success.”

Jones is also known as someone who is more than willing to pitch in and help wherever and whenever she is needed and is willing to work until the job is done right.

“Lindsey Jones has a heart of gold. Combine that attribute with the fact that she practically runs everywhere she goes, and this epitomizes what appears to be her life’s M.O. – hurry up and help somebody,” Jill Bender, director of Crimson Tide Hospitality, said.

“There is never a question about Lindsey’s work ethic or about her desire to do the right thing. She’s great to work with because she’s honest, creative, and not afraid to get dirty. On top of all that, she always wants to improve and avoid complacency. Our entire staff is thankful to work with her.”

Those attributes are also evident to those outside the department.

“Lindsey is exceptional to work with. She is the ultimate team player and is always willing to do whatever it takes to make something happen,” Dr. Tim Hebson, UA Dean of Students, said. “She has been a real lifesaver to our office on many occasions.”

The manner in which she carries herself and her selfless attitude combined with her drive and determination to make everything and everyone around her better are all core values of the Built by Bama Service Award.

Jones is without a doubt the kind of person who helps make the University of Alabama Department of Intercollegiate Athletics an exceptional place to work.

Jones and those honored by this award continue to define the Built by Bama spirit that embodies the teamwork inherent to the Crimson Tide’s ongoing success.