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Domestic violence cases settle

Two cases involving domestic violence charges were recently settled in circuit court with both defendants sentenced to jail time, officials said.

According to Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing, the first defendant to settle his case in a pre-trial conference was Timothy Gary Crum, 27, 6th Avenue, Red Bay.

Rushing said Crum pleaded guilty to domestic violence-strangulation and received a 15-year sentence from Circuit Judge Terry Dempsey.

Rushing said Crum was initially arrested on Nov. 2, 2013, for an incident involving his then-girlfriend at their residence in Red Bay.

“According to the facts of the case, Mr. Crum was charged with severely beating and choking his girlfriend who was several months pregnant with at the time,” Rushing said.

“He was allegedly mad because she wouldn’t fix his supper, and he was accused with punching her on the time of the face, shoving his fingers down her throat, strangling her, and kicking her in the stomach four times.”

Rushing said the girlfriend tried to escape and a neighbor heard the altercation and called 911.

“His girlfriend was seriously injured and taken to the hospital,” Rushing said.

“Thankfully she and the baby were okay, but we are glad a stiff sentence was handed down in this case because someone this violent could be capable of killing someone if given the chance.

“We appreciate the Red Bay Police Department for their hard work in this case and the investigators for the great job they did, which helped lead to this sentence.”

The second case involved 27-year-old Joshua Pinkard, of 156 Franklin 138, Russellville.

Rushing said Pinkard pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and second-degree attempt to manufacture methamphetamine and received a 20-year sentence split, with five years to serve.

“This case also involved a domestic violence incident where the defendant’s girlfriend was involved,” Rushing said.

“We appreciate the work by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office on this case that also led to a prison sentence.

“I just hope the punishments in these cases send the message that domestic violence won’t be tolerated.”