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Providing the best community news is still our mission

Today’s paper may look quite different than it has in recent years, but those of us here at the Franklin County Times hope you will notice that these changes we have made are an asset to an already outstanding community newspaper that has served Franklin County for more than 140 years.

You will notice that today’s issue contains more than twice as much coverage of news and events than our typical Wednesday or Saturday papers, which gives our readers the opportunity to find out more about what’s going on in the community all at one time.

The extra pages full of informative and interesting articles are due to the elimination of a Saturday edition of the FCT, but just because we are one paper shorter each week doesn’t mean our readers will lose out on any of the valuable new and sports stories we cover.

In fact, these new changes mean our readers will be getting the news even faster than before – something we are quite proud of.

Since we will only have one print edition each week, we will be relying more heavily on our website, fct.wpengine.com, to distribute news and sports stories that happen throughout the week.

Instead of waiting for the paper to come to your mailbox, readers can access the website each day and find out what’s currently happening in the community. Then each week, readers can receive a print edition chock-full of the stories that represent a week in Franklin County.

We are excited to offer this new format for timely, informative news and a newspaper that provides everything our readers need to know all in one edition.