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Ellison announces move to Republican Party

Another local elected official has decided to leave the Democratic Party.
Franklin County Revenue Commissioner Gene Ellison announced this week that he is leaving the party and will now be a member of the Republican Party.
“I have many Democratic friends that know how I feel on certain social issues and they know I don’t embrace many of the ideas that the national party is currently promoting,” Ellison said.
“They, as friends, know my heart and where I stand. I want to thank those that supported me as the Democratic Party candidate, however, times have changed and the agenda being promoted today, in my opinion, is in direct opposition to God.
“I know some will disagree with me on this switch, but at the end of the day, I have to realize that I am accountable to One greater than me.”
Franklin County Republican Chairman Jerry Mays said he was pleased to see Ellison make the party switch.
“We are happy to have good qualified people coming to the Republican Party,” Mays said.
“I think the people of Franklin County are more in line with the Republican Party’s national platform and the principles they represent. We have always voted that way in state and national elections, but now we are getting back to the grassroots on the local level.”