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Russellville Public Library provides an important service

Halloween is a holiday that most kids (and even adults) look forward to because not only do you stock up on piles of candy and sweets but you also get to dress up in a costume of your choosing (that is unless you’re under the age of five and your parents dress you up as a pumpkin for yet another year.)

On Halloween morning, I went to the Russellville Public Library to take pictures of the children in the library’s preschool program who had dressed up in their costumes to play games and have a few hours of fun.

There’s nothing quite like seeing little kids excited to have the chance to embody their favorite characters from books, TV or movies.

Each kid there ran around squealing and laughing and joining in on the games, just happy to be there enjoying the day.

And then I stopped to think about how nice it was that these kids had a place to actually go and have all this fun – that there was an organized event for children who aren’t yet old enough to participate in the Halloween fun the older kids have in school.

The Russellville Public Library, while forgotten about by many, is still a vibrant part of our community.

This preschool program is just one of the services they offer that can be a real bright spot in someone’s day.

I can remember back to when I was very young and my mother would take my brother and I to similar programs the library had back in those days.

I remember having the best time and looking forward to going back, which is how I’m sure these children feel about the current pre-school program.

I just encourage those in the area who have small children to support the local library through programs like these.

Without support, these programs may not always be possible, and it would be a shame to lose something that I can say from first-hand experience is a real joy to several kids in our county.