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Make your vote count on Nov. 6

In case you had not noticed, many people take politics very seriously.

They may be found all over the different media, from television to radio to the Internet and beyond.

Each political pundit has an opinion on who should be elected to public office, and as citizens in a free country such as our United States, they are entitled to their own opinions.

This means that each and every one of you is too.

As my coworker suggests in the column above, voters in Franklin County should do what they can to become well-informed about all of the candidates and the issues involved in the amendment votes before heading to the local polling place.

I have said several times before that voting is the civic duty of each and every registered voter in the United States, and I still stand by that proclamation.

If you are an of-age citizen who is registered to vote in Franklin County, take the time to go to your registered polling place and cast your vote.

This is not only the best way to make your voice heard, but it is the best way you have to make a difference in the way the government is run.

Take the time and go out and vote Nov. 6 at your registered polling place.