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County passes $11.9 million annual budget

The Franklin County Commission passed its annual operating budget Tuesday morning.

The FY 2012-2013 budget will be $11,923,907.38.

The budget is divided between the general fund, the solid waste department and the highway department.

Of the total, $6,064,538.71 is appropriated to the general fund while $2,451,206.73 is distributed to the solid waste department and $3,408,161.94 to the highway department.

The difference needed to balance this year’s budget will come from transfers from the capital improvement fund, public buildings fund, public highway and traffic fund and the fund balance brought forward from the last fiscal year.

The budget includes step raises due in 2012-2013, and does not account for any increases in health insurance costs.

The commission also approved the 2012-2013 re-appraisal budget of $711,759.94, which includes the cost for new aerial imagery.

“This has been a tight budget, but the department heads and the employees should all be commended for doing the best job they could with what we have had to work with,” Probate Judge Barry Moore said.