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PCHS “Alumni Day” Saturday

With so many changes taking place in the town of Phil Campbell, organizers of the annual Phil Campbell Alumni Day said this year’s event is the perfect way to catch up on all the progress taking place around the town and at the site of their alma mater.
The Phil Campbell Alumni Association will sponsor their annual Phil Campbell Alumni Day this Sunday, August 5, at the Phil Campbell School cafeteria. The event will start at 10 a.m. and last until 2:30 p.m. A catered lunch will be served at noon.
Donna Kent, who serves as the vice-president of the Phil Campbell Alumni Association, said she hopes all PCHS alumni will come out to see all the things happening in the town.
“Last year’s event was just over three months after everything had happened, so the tornado was still fresh on people’s minds and we were sad because of the people we lost and the damage that was done to our school,” Kent said.
“This year, we want people to see how far the town has come and we especially want them to see the progress being made at the school.
“They’ve finally started the demolition, and I know that will be a sad sight for many of the alumni to see the school building gone. But we also want to talk about the new school that will be built and how it will be a good thing for future generations.”
Kent said with the high school being torn down, this was a good time for alumni to get together and reminisce about the all the good times they had at the school.
“I hope we can just all share our memories about what we loved about the school and all the fun we had,” Kent said. “We hope people will bring old pictures, too, for everyone to look at.
Kent said they plan the event for a Sunday each year because many people use the alumni weekend to host class reunions so they set aside Friday and Saturday for classes who want to do that as well.”
Kent said they open the doors around 10 a.m. for people to start mingling, but lunch is usually served around noon. They also give out prizes for things like the oldest person there, the class with the most people there and the person who traveled the farthest.
“This event is always a lot of fun, and I know this year will be, too,” she said.