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Red Bay council, mayor all to seek second terms

RED BAY – At Monday night’s meeting, members of the Red Bay City Council and Mayor Bobby Forsythe all officially announced their intent to seek re-election for their respective positions.
Councilman Mike Stockton, who represents District 2, said he came to the decision to run for re-election because he wants to continue to be part of the progress in Red Bay.
“There were a lot of problems in the city when we took office three and a half years ago, and I think in that timeframe we have made significant progress in moving the city forward,” he said. “I want to continue to be part of the progress the city is making and I want to ensure that we keep moving forward in the future. Even though we’ve accomplished much, there is still work left to be done.”
District 1 councilman Mike Kennedy said his family played a role in his decision to seek re-election.
“I was born and raised in this town, I am raising my children in this town and, Lord willing, this is where I will always live and work,” Kennedy said. “This is where my heart is so it’s where I want to put my energies.
“I feel like that is everyone’s sentiment because we all have lived here either all our lives or for a very long time, and we just want to see Red Bay prosper and do well. That’s the only agenda we have.”
Councilwoman Charlene Fancher, who represents District 4, said she has been proud to see the city progressing in a positive direction, which she feels has been due in large part to the adoption of a budget and the dedication of the city’s residents to shopping in town.
“I knew what I was getting into when I first decided to run four years ago, but I was ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work making changes that would get Red Bay back on track,” Fancher said.
“We adopted a budget and the council and our department heads have stuck to it. The balanced budget coupled with our citizens being dedicated to shopping at home has allowed Red Bay to be blessed financially the past couple of years.
“Our citizens are our best asset here and I hope to keep working for them and moving forward.”
David Tiffin, councilman from District 3, was out of town on business and could not be at the meeting to announce personally his intention to seek re-election, but he confirmed Tuesday that he hoped the citizens of Red Bay saw fit to re-elect him for another four years.
“It has been a privilege to work with this group of council members because we’ve all had a common goal – doing the best thing for the city of Red Bay,” Tiffin said. “Of course we don’t always agree on every decision, but we listen and compromise and come to a decision that will be best for the city as a whole.
“I believe that kind of a united front and an attitude that puts the city before ourselves is what has allowed us to be effective in many areas, and I would be proud to serve the city again and see what else we can accomplish.”
District 5 councilman Brad Bolton agreed that the sense of unity was important and he strongly believes the current administration has been able to accomplish many things because of the way they conduct themselves during meetings and out in the community.
“This is a business-minded council – we all have business backgrounds and know what it takes to make this city run effectively and efficiently, and I hope the citizens have seen that,” Bolton said.
“We try to conduct ourselves in a professional manner and make the best decisions for the city as a whole because we’re all hometown folks. We’re passionate about Red Bay, and when you’re that passionate about something, you want to see it prosper.
“We care about the footprint we are leaving for future generations, and if the citizens see fit, I want to continue on the progressive path I believe we’ve set forth along with the citizens of Red Bay.”
Mayor Bobby Forsythe said he would consider it an honor to be re-elected for a second term.
“I fully believe that a house divided cannot stand, and we all believe in doing what’s best for the city. Nobody comes in here with their own agenda to push through,” Forsythe said. “I am willing to serve the citizens of Red Bay again because I have seen in this past term the kinds of positive things that can be accomplished through cooperation and team work.
“The progress we’ve made with Heritage Park, the establishment of 55 prime acres of land for an industrial park, road and railroad projects, and so many other things have been accomplished this term. And while much progress has been made, I think there is still a lot of progress left to make, and I want to be able to see these things through to the end.
“I think the best days for Red Bay are ahead of us if we all continue to work together for the good of our city.”