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Investigators working to solve break-ins

Law enforcement officials are reaching out to county residents to help them obtain information about recent break-ins that have occurred in the north end of the county over the past couple of weeks.
Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver said the break-ins have been in the Frankfort and Mt. Star areas and have mainly taken place throughout the week.
“These break-ins have taken place in the daylight hours when people would typically be at work,” Oliver said. “Whoever is doing this seems to be targeting smaller items in the homes that they can grab quick such as videogames, jewelry and other electronics that are lying around.”
All total, investigators said seven houses and three churches have been broken into in the last two weeks.
Oliver said bigger items have been stolen from a few of the residences and churches.
“We’ve had a couple of utility trailers stolen that looks like they were just hitched up and hauled off,” he said.
Investigators added that the copper wiring and the motors were stolen out of a few air conditioning units at the churches in the area that were burglarized.
Investigators said they have received information that a late 80s model maroon Chevrolet or Ford full-sized pick-up truck with a regular cab could possibly be the vehicle used in these burglaries.
Investigators said that if anyone sees a vehicle matching the description to try to get a tag number and then call law enforcement immediately.
“We are following up on any leads we receive to try to get this person or persons responsible off the street,” Oliver said. “The best thing the community can do right now is keep a watch out and report anything suspicious.”
Anyone who knows anything about this string of break-ins is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 256-332-8820.