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RBHS’ Bullen looking at career in nursing

Editor’s Note: Franklin’s Future is a regular feature spotlighting a high school senior in Franklin County and what they have planned for life after graduation.

Red Bay senior Shelby Bullen has big plans for her future once she graduates and begins focusing on the life she hopes to have in the years to come.
Bullen has established herself as a leader during her time in high school and she said her participation in several clubs and activities has helped her to become a more driven person.
In the past four years, Bullen has been involved with Health Occupation Students of America, Students Against Destructive Decisions, Jobs for Alabama Graduates, Future Farmers of America and the tennis team. She has also been a part of the FFA String Band as a vocalist and a student leader for the group SAFE, which is an organization that teaches students leadership skills through informing the public about certain issues.
“I’ve enjoyed getting involved in these organizations because it made me feel like I had a better high school experience,” she said.
Something else that made her feel like a more well-rounded person is the time she spent doing several different community service projects through these different organizations.
“We visited the Sara Dinsmore Center with HOSA to spent time with the residents and we also held a sock drive for them, too,” she said. “We had a canned food drive through JAG and participated in the Angel Tree program at Christmas.
“I think it’s important to get involved with community service projects like these because it helps us as teenagers to learn to care about others. And I know that I would want somebody to do the same thing for me if I needed help, so it’s good to give back.”
In a smaller school like RBHS, Bullen said it’s been easy to make good friends that she said she would miss once they go their separate ways after graduation.
“We’ve made a lot of good memories over the years,” she said. “Going to football games on a Friday night and the spirit days where we would dress up are some that really stand out.”
Bullen said she will miss the carefree days of high school, but she’s looking forward to the new experiences college will bring.
She is planning to attend Northwest-Shoals Community College for the first couple of years and then transfer to the University of North Alabama to pursue a degree as a registered nurse and eventually a forensic nurse.
“”I’ve always wanted to work in a hospital, but I watch a lot of CSI on TV and I really think I would enjoy being one of the nurses that helps victims at a crime scene,” she said. “There would always be something different to do – nothing would really be the same all the time, and I really think it’s something I could see myself doing.”
Bullen said she would have to work as a registered nurse for three years before being able to become a forensic nurse, and she hoped to be living in a bigger city when that dream becomes a reality.
“I would love to get my nursing degree and pass my boards in California so I could live in Los Angeles,” she said. “I visited there before and I loved it. It’s not somewhere I would want to live forever, but I would like living there for a few years. Plus, I would have more opportunities for work in a bigger city like that.”
Before she sets off to accomplish the goals she has set, Bullen said she plans to relax this summer with her family and friends doing the things she loves like fishing, going to the lake and shopping.
“The best thing to remember is to do what makes you happy,” she said. “Don’t get too upset over the little things in life because it’s not ever worth it in the end.”
Bullen is the daughter of Rhonda Hester and she has an older sister, Katie Bullen.