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Frederick settles in, enjoys time at PCHS

Editor’s Note: Franklin’s Future is a regular feature spotlighting a high school senior in Franklin County and what they have planned for life after graduation.

High school senior Dylan Frederick has only been a Phil Campbell Bobcat for a year, but that hasn’t stopped him from making the most out of his time there.
Frederick has gotten involved in the National Honor Society and was a member of the PCHS football team, which was something he said he really enjoyed.
“Playing on the football team was a great experience and was probably one of my favorite memories from this year even though we didn’t win many games,” he said. “I didn’t play football at Hamilton where I went before so that first win was something to remember.”
Frederick has settled into his routine at PCHS and said he enjoys going to school there.
“The teachers here are really nice and they take the time to help you,” he said. “This is good because school is important and it’s important to get a good education.”
Frederick has also made many new friends in the small school setting and he said he would miss seeing them on an everyday basis once it came time to graduate in May.
“Even though I’m planning to go to Northwest and a lot of them will be there, it will still be different,” he said.
Frederick said he chose to spend the first couple of years of his college career at Northwest-Shoals Community College because it was the most practical option for him.
“Northwest is cheaper and it’s closer to home,” he said. “I think that’s the best thing for me now because I’m not ready to move off just yet.”
When he is ready, however, Frederick said he would most likely transfer to the University of Alabama at Huntsville because of their well-known science programs.
“I have always loved science and I want to have a career as a chemical engineer,” Frederick said. “It’s something I think I would like because I like to help people and I want to be one of those people one day that cures a disease or invents something important.”
Frederick has big plans for his future but he hopes he can carry out those plans a little closer to home than Huntsville.
“I’m really just a country boy and I like that way of life,” he said. “Even if I can’t move back here, I just want to live somewhere that isn’t a big city.
“Hamilton and Franklin County are just more laid back places and I like that more than the fast pace in a bigger city.”
When he isn’t making big plans for his future, Frederick said he enjoys taking guitar lessons, listening to music and spending time with his aunt and uncle, Marilyn and Terelton Morgan.