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Stay safe this April and clean maybe

It is officially April. That means two major things in Alabama: spring-cleaning and tornadoes.

I was watching The Weather Channel last night — for some reason —, and they showed a graphic of the number of tornadoes that hit the U.S. per month on average in the past 10 years.

March was in the mid-70s as far as that went. April was over 200. May was also higher than March. April’s average went up significantly thanks to last year, when over 700 twisters sprang up in the U.S. in just a month’s time.

This is not something I look forward to, obviously. I’m not from here, but ˆhave survived being in close proximity to five or six tornadoes over the years, including two that caused damage to the structure I was in.

If you have ever been in a house that was shaking on its foundation because of a tornado, believe me when I say I know exactly what that’s like.

On a lighter note, spring marks the ever-dreaded spring-cleaning. I always say that I will do this and that, but it almost never happens. I think that a severe bout of laziness hits me every time the weather warms up after winter is over.

This always follows the severe bout of lazy that hits me during the winter, which follows the one in the summer.

Spring-cleaning and I have never seen eye to eye, and I don’t think that will change any time soon. It is a good time to get things done though.

I hope that everyone stays safe during this month as far as the weather goes. We all know what can happen when the weather gets angry.

Spring-cleaning, on the other hand, that’s up to you. Knock yourself out — or don’t.